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Misión e Historia

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Durante los últimos once años ...

¡Todavía estamos firmes y fuertes! En los últimos once años hemos llegado a

convertirse en una figura destacada en la comunidad del cáncer de mama.

  • Educado a más de 300.000 personas

  • Proporcionó más de 1,600 pelucas gratis

  • Sirvió a más de 500 mujeres con mamografías gratuitas

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annual budget

We have been able to increase our annual budget every year (except covid) due to our outstanding sponors and donors. 

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financial operations

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Health magazine

Our free health magazine is an 80 page spread containing:

  • cancer health facts

  • prevention

  • community resources

  • support

  • ways to get involved and more!

We print in both English and Spanish.​ We distribute throughout Arizona through food cities, labs,djfdk.

View our magazine here.

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Mammogram & testing

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If follow up diagnostic testing is needed following our clients' initial mammogram, we pay the bill.

our virtual reach

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Follow us on social media!

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  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

Wig clients

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To view our full progress report, click the button below!

Support programs

Super survivors unite events


Super survivor

pink out 5k!

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growth & development

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