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Nuestra visión

¡Nuestra visión es marcar la diferencia en la lucha contra el cáncer de mama!

Nuestra misión

Check for a Lump brinda educación gratuita sobre la salud de los senos, mamografías, pruebas y asistencia directa a pacientes con cáncer de seno con pelucas, apoyo y recursos en Arizona.

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We empower women with invaluable breast health facts and preventive information




A $50 donation will educate 25 people with cancer prevention tools

We provide free mammograms and all diagnostic testing necessary for diagnosis of breast cancer to qualifying patients in Arizona.


A $175 donation will provide someone with a life-saving mammogram.

We provide free wigs to Arizona residents who are in treatment for breast cancer. 



A $300 donation will provide a free new wig to  a breast cancer patient in need. 

We offer survivors and their caregivers a way to engage, learn, and gather resources for a better prognosis and quality of life


A $25 donation will help us make a difference in the fight against  breast cancer


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Celebrate a birthday, honor the memory of a loved one, or just show your support of our mission and vision.

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You are also a gift! Donate your time and volunteer. We can always use your help!

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Sponsorships are invaluable in helping us serve our local breast cancer community.

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